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Simko Seating Acoustic Panel Triangle

Simko Seating Products Acoustic Panel Triangle
Simko Seating Products  Acoustic Panel Triangle

Acoustic Panel Triangle

Product Information

Unleash the power of sound perfection with the Acoustic Panel Triangle. As a premier acoustic panel manufacturer in Turkey, we offer cutting-edge solutions to optimize your acoustic environment. The Acoustic Panel Triangle features a meticulously engineered design that effectively controls sound reflections and minimizes unwanted echoes. Whether it's a movie theater or an auditorium, these acoustic panels deliver exceptional performance, enhancing the audio quality and immersing the audience in a captivating sonic experience. Elevate your space with the Acoustic Panel Triangle and enjoy unparalleled sound clarity and acoustics tailored to your needs.


Technical Drawing

Technical Information

  • Panels that reduce sound reflections are made of quality fabric and foam.
  • With different color options, an aesthetic value is added to your space and customization is offered.
  • Our products have fire retardant properties and offer safe use.
  • Production is made in European standards.

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